MAXIGENES Chewable Milk with Blueberry 150 Chewable Tablets

MAXIGENES Chewable Milk with Blueberry 150 Chewable Tablets

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About the Product

Maxigenes Chewable Milk with Blueberry is produced from 100% high quality real cow's milk with the added benefit of natural blueberries. It can be simply taken on-the-go, to provide a fresh creamy milk flavor without the use of any artificial colors or preservatives. Our Maxigenes. Chewable Milk with Blueberry helps support the nutritional needs of growing bodies, that need to refuel throughout the day.


You may require more or less than indicated below due to personal diet and preference. This is a general guide only. 

Suitable for children over 1 year old, pregnant women and adults.

Children 1 year and over take 2–3 chewable tablets per day.

Adults including pregnant women, take 3–5 chewable tablets per day.

This product should be taken by children who can thoroughly chew and swallow without supervision. For children under 3 years, please crumble before chewing. Do not swallow whole.

This products appearance may vary slightly due to using natural blueberry extract.